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The Issues.

The future of Laramie County depends on decisions we make now. 

Laramie County has a strong legacy of economic growth and innovative spirit. Never has it been more important to define the issues facing us as we move through uncertain times. Brian Lovett feels the following items are the most important items to focus on:


Continue to implement the Laramie County Plan for economic recovery.

Ease restrictions on economic activity as quickly as possible while mitigating risk to our vulnerable populations and resurgence of the disease.


Continue to implement a very conservative approach to county expenses, recognizing unknown future impacts to revenue.

Focus spending on customer services, human health and safety, and infrastructure and asset management.

Support for Business

Regulation should be descriptive not prescriptive.

Government can describe the required outcome but let business identify the
steps to achieve it. Business owners are innovative and efficient by necessity.

Property rights must be protected, recognizing those rights exist on both sides of the fence.

Economic Development

Support investment in business development with the goal of  providing long term returns to the county through diversification and support of entrepreneurships.

Continue to provide readily available and buildable sites for new business and expansion of existing operations.


Support the existing transparency efforts through livestream and public access
to archives of Board of County Commissioners meetings.

Adopt methods that simplify or improve quality of public access as technology

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